Aerodrome Dogfights at MWGA Game Day

October 27, 2010

On Saturday October 16th a number of Maine gamers gathered for an eventful game day in Bath.  I ran an afternoon session of Aerodrome that was well received!  We play 4 dogfight missions using Pfalz DR1s vs Sopwith Camels.  Kills were fairly evenly distributed and players got the hang of the game quickly.

I have been swamped with other projects lately and am just getting to posting this! The ramp up to my RPG events for the next convention cycle starting with Carnage has been taking the front seat at the moment.  I am in the early phases of getting material ready for e-publishing a horror game.

Tighter mission rules and a random mission generator are in the works for this winter and work will start on this in earnest after the holidays.  Stay tuned for more and keep flying!