Aerodrome Event Update

I thought I’d take a moment from a busy summer to post about the status of Aerodrome Events.  I have run several games recently.  More will be taking place in the fall after the run up to Carnage which takes place during the first weekend in November.

I ran a demo at Game Geeks on June 17th.  It went well and folks had a good time.  I ran 3 missions for six players and I think there will be further interest.

I also ran a small session at the last Northern Conspiracy session and had a fun game!  Game night is often lightly attended in July and so I had few players, but a lot of guys took a look and I think that we’ll see more!  (It is an imperative to enjoy summer while you can in this neck of the woods!)

The next event in stone is a large game for the Maine War Gamers Association on the afternoon of October 16th.  I expect to be running several other events and we are looking at involving some high school groups and hope to get some involved.  (Stan kindly gave the MWGA some rule sets to help jump-start some interest!)

I am sure there will be a number of pickup games to get a grip on making tighter Mission Rules as the key element of a campaign game.  I see the campaign as being a series of randomly generated missions with specific setup rules for each.  The campaign will progess through the war offering new aircraft and other effects.  I will be looking to post and get feedback once the bones are down and preliminary testing is done!

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