First Tournament Winner! & Huzzah a Success!

The first Knights in the Sky Aerodrome Tournament was held at Huzzah and was a resounding success. A crowd of 10 boisterous pilots did battle in the sky! Jerry and I were able to maintain a fast pace and the gamers contributed witty repartee across the table. All in all it was a blast to run and fun was had by all!

Eric accepts the KitS Huzzah! Cup

Eric accepts the KitS Huzzah! Cup

Eric Hatch emerged as the victor with a whopping score of 7.333 with 3 kills. Manuel Veloso took second place with a score of 3.66 and 2 kills and Gaylord Tang was right behind him with a score of 3.33 and 2 kills.

Several pilots had the misfortune of having their aircraft catch fire. At least one Allied Powers pilot was forced to land and captured by Central Powers infantry. The sky was aglow with gunfire and flames.

Stan Kubiak came and run his exciting Aerodrome 2.0 and had a good crowd of players for his Friday evening Dogfight scenario and his Carrier Attack game as well. The carrier strike was a continuation of his game from the prior weekend at Little Wars in Chicago.

Manuel accepts his Distinguished Service Medal

Huzzah went very well and the Sabis Battle sponsored by Wargames Factory was impressive! There were so many good looking well run games, I cannot even begin to recount them all! A goodly number of vendors came including ADC Books, Aerodrome, Blue Moose Arts, Bunker Hill Games, Crossroad Games, John Durant Books, The Arrington’s, The Dice Turret, RLPBS (suppliers of Aerodrome Equipment among many other nifty things!), Eureka Miniatures USA, Falcon Miniatures, and The Hobby Bunker.

Aerodrome 2 Carrier Attack in progress.

Aerodrome 2 Carrier Attack in progress.

There were a lot of attendees on Saturday and most sessions had plenty of players. A Flames of War tournament was held, there was a raffle after every period, and prizes were awarded at the end of the con.

Stay tuned for future events!


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  1. Manuel says:

    Andre, this is Manuel. What is your e-mail address? I do not see it anywhere. Thanks.

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