KitS Aerodrome Tournament Preparation in High Gear!

The prep for the first tournament at Huzzah! is now moving right along. The playtest tournament is this weekend! I have updated the scoring rules to include a few missing elements. Scoring cards and a scoring sheet have been posted to the Rules section as well.

I have begun the model mods for the Wings of War Rahn’s Fokker DR1s, which will be used to represent the Pfalz DR1s for the tournament. These are being repainted and decaled as Jasta 19 using Dom’s Decals conversion instructions and decal sets. Wish me luck with the fiddly bits!

I have amassed almost everything that I need to do a matchup between Sopwith Snipes and Fokker DVIIs. This looks like a great matchup and will be featured in another tournament later this year!

On the list of things to do is re-bore the last of the panels. (The acrylic spray added some width to the holes.) I need to put together 4 more sets of pegs and shells for ammo markers, make some minor fixes to a few wooden markers, cut and laminate scoring cards, and related tasks.

I am excited to get the project off the ground and starting gaining some momentum.

The event list for Huzzah! is quite impressive and the list of sponsors of all kind is staggering. Check it out at


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